Machine Learning in CyberSecurity

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First of all, I have to disappoint you. Unfortunately, machine learning will never be a silver bullet for cybersecurity compared to image recognition or natural language processing, two areas where machine learning is thriving. There will always be a man trying to find weaknesses in systems or ML algorithms and to bypass security mechanisms. What’s worse, now hackers are able to use machine learning to carry out all their nefarious endeavors.
What’s more important, AI is not immune to attacks, and you can read here my new article about it.
Fortunately, machine learning can aid in solving the most common tasks including regression, prediction, and classification. In the era of extremely large amount of data and cybersecurity talent shortage, ML seems to be an only solution.
This article is an introduction written to give practical technical understanding of the current advances and future directions of ML research applied to cybersecurity.


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April, 2020

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